CGMiner vs. BFGMiner

After posting a Linux helper script for those who would like to mine in Linux earlier I noticed that many people tend to prefer CGMiner over BFGMiner and I am curious to know your thoughts on it.

I chose BFGMiner for my script for many reasons:

  • BFGMiner hasn’t dropped scrypt/openCL support unlike CGMiner (this is the MOST important one, without which litecoin/scrypt mining is not possible)
  • BFGMiner is functionally identical to CGMiner; the API is the same, the config files are the same, the command line arguments are the same, etc.
  • BFGMiner is available pre-built for Ubuntu through a third party repo, which means it will receive updates when the system is updated (unlike a manually built CGMiner)
  • It just plain works. Though this may be anecdotal, I fought with CGMiner for so long before I switched over to BFGMiner. CGMiner would have the hardest time just starting and building the openCL binaries, where BFGMiner just worked

Here’s the script thread:

Let me know what your reasons are for picking one over the other, whether it be that you’ve just never heard of BFGMiner or if there’s some technical merit CGMiner has that BFGMiner does not.

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