What to Mine?

December 27, 2013

Thought I’d throw this question out to your minds as its currently doing mine in.

Been mining Litecoin for about 3 weeks now with an average Kh/s rate of 510 and have amassed a total of just over 2 LTC.

I’ve only been mining at night (much to the amused reactions from my Minecraft obsessed daughter) and weekends during offpeak tariff whereby electricity costs 0.18 AUD as opposed to the peak rate of 0.30.

Last few days I’ve switched to Doge coin and quickly obtained 15000 coins with the intentions of trading them for LTC.

As much as I love the Dogecoin community I see a more stable future in LTC as an ‘investment portfolio’.

So guys what’s your opinions? Can’t help but feel I’ve missed the boat in terms of LTC and the rise in difficulty. As a father of two and a huge mortgage I can’t afford to invest cash in the crypto market but can afford some electricity to point my humble mining rig in a direction. Just not sure which way to point my rig tonight.

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