#Bitcoin #Litecoin Mining with a Mac

December 6, 2013

If you’re like me and have a Mac computer you’d like to set-up as a Mining rig, here’s some things to keep in mind:

– Bitcoin mining is generally done with ASIC computer chips, these are not your average chips as ASIC hardware is the type of processor traditionally found in laboratory computer equipment, digital cameras, and industrial computers. They are meant to process data loads and provide data outputs.
Example: Avalon and KnC ASICs

– but it is possible to mine with off-the-shelf computer hardware and gaming-type graphics cards, also known as a GPU (Graphics Processing Unit)

Litecoin mining is done with GPUs as it’s not as data heavy, less difficulty, and higher ROI per hash rate vs.
power consumption.


1. Find out the make/model of your graphics card

– this is the main hardware used in ‘mining’ and the speed/power of your graphics card will determine your hash rate

2. Check your graphics card against this chart below, it’s for Litecoin mining rigs but it will give you an idea of what kind of hash rate you can achieve:

3. Download your Mining software
Bitcoin: CG Miner
Litecoin: Asteroid miner

4. Download a temperature gauge and control for your computer

– this is key when mining with a Mac as the compact design of these computers doesn’t give a lot of ventilation and overheating can be a problem

5. Install both the Mining and Temperature software

6. Try to avoid using the computer for anything else when it’s mining

– expect it to act like you have a virus, it should be slow to respond to mouse/keyboard clicks and you should hear the computer working furiously

7. Keep your hash rate at top speed by figuring out what the optimum priority level is with the mining software and your GPU capabilities

– May need to play around with this, typically it’s not the maximum level setting to achieve the right balance of hash rate vs. processing vs. temperature

That’s it for mining with a Mac, besides setting up a wallet and joining a pool you’re good to go!

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