Beginner’s Guide to #Bitcoin Mining

December 4, 2013
  • 9. Advance Tweaks & Discussion
  • There have been rising demand in answers about making miner’s more efficient in areas such as cost, hash rate and power consumption. One main area of such discussion is the overclocking of GPUs while still maintain stability and temperature, this is a very specialized field where the layman would not normally cross. Fortunately, the mining community is in abundance of experts in OC and many analysis have been done in other fields as well. I’ll be linking to some more involved tweaks and analysis in this section for those who are getting serious about mining.
  • 10. Bitcoin Thesaurus
    I thought of starting a Thesaurus since some of these terms have been quite often asked all around the forum. Please help to contribute words and better explanations for them Smiley

    • BTC – The unit we use for bitcoins, just like USD, JPY, EUR, SGD, RM, GBP, etc.
    • Blocks –
    • Difficulty –
    • Mining – The hashing of bitcoin blocks in exchange for the creation of more coins and/or transaction fees
    • Miners – The software used to do mining, there are CPU miners and GPU miners. Both are programmed to make use of different processing units to compute the hash
    • Stales/Rejects –
    • Rig – Computer
    • Dedicated Mining Rig – Computer built solely for the purpose of mining
    • Gaming Rig – Computer built mainly for the purpose of gaming
    • Mining/Gaming Rig – A hybrid of the above, since the hardware requirements for both overlaps each other. When a gaming rig is idling, it can be use to do bitcoin mining
    • PSU – Power Supply Unit
    • MOBO – Motherboard
    • CPU – Central Processing Unit, or Processor
    • GPU – Graphics Processing Unit, or Graphics card
    • Overclocking (OC) –
    • Overvolting –
    • Unvolting –
    • Memory Clocking –

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