What is #Bitcoin Mining?

December 4, 2013

What is Bitcoin Mining?

Well if you could combine computers to process heaps of information that overtime eventually breaks down the information into blocks – that is Bitcoin Mining.

I started getting into it after I first read about it online, and since then I have been researching, blogging, sharing about Bitcoin Mining.

To paraphrase from someone who also tried to help newbies understand this concept:

“I’m not an expert on Bitcoin or anything, in fact I consider myself a newbie at this point in time. However being a newbie myself, I found that information regarding this relatively new and very technical topic is scarce and difficult to find. After many days of searching the net and forums I found myself still within the vicinity of where I started to get a general idea of how things work, and also realized that there isn’t a whole lot of information sharing going on when newbies keep asking the same questions instead of finding out for themselves.

However with that said, I may be one of the more experienced members and players in Bitcoin to help with this guide so that it may in turn help the newcomers. In my own experience, it is very difficult to come into the Bitcoin scene and I found that this guide has been long overdue, I believe as this guide becomes more comprehensive and complete it helps more people to get into Bitcoin and in turn help Bitcoin to grow toward it’s vision.

This guide is by no means complete, suggestions and recommendations are welcome, I’m not as technically inclined as many that I’ve found so I’m asking for help to consolidate information that would help people get into Bitcoin easier and faster.”

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