December 2013 XMAS Freebie #3 Mastercoin Reward

December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!
As our 3rd and final Christmas 2013 Freebie, we are happy to share with you a new cryptocurrency called Mastercoin.

Mastercoin is a alt-coin / alternative cryptocurrency similar to Bitcoin, but its designed to be built on top of Bitcoin adding extra security and features not found in the traditional Bitcoin protocol.

Currently, the exchange rate between Mastercoin (MSC) and Bitcoin (BTC) is:
0.35 BTC per 1 MSC


What is Mastercoin?

“Mastercoin is an open source (virtual currency) project driven by the members of the Bitcoin community that want to see more advanced features implemented on top of the blockchain.

Mastercoin enables the Bitcoin eco-system to become more decentralized and operate more in line with its peer to peer nature. History has shown that when a digital service has a single point of failure it will be attacked and taken down. Mastercoin removes many of today’s bottle necks, that are preventing the wide spread use of Bitcoin.

Check out, /r/mastercoin or to learn more.”

This website, the Mastercoin faucet, rewards users with small amounts of Mastercoin and is sponsored by the Mastercoin Foundation to allow users to get more familiar with this additional protocol layer and to spread awareness.

For a limited time, the Mastercoin Foundation is rewarding users with small amounts of Mastercoin to allow users to get more familiar with this additional protocol layer and to spread awareness of this alt-coin.

How it works:

A reward can be claimed by choosing one of five authentication methods. This step is intended to prevent abuse, because the goal is to reach as many interested people as possible. Depending on the authentication method, you can earn approximately $0.1 – $0.5 worth of Mastercoin. Only one reward per person is allowed.

To unlock a reward, choose one of the following authentication methods:

Reddit (Premium)
More than 100 karma are required. (Premium)
You need an activity score above 10, at least 10 posts and an account created before August 1, 2013.

GitHub (Premium)
You must be starred on one of the Mastercoin GitHub repositories or you need at least 3 public repositories and an account older than August 1, 2013.



The authentication methods via Reddit, and GitHub are more difficult to achive and are rewarded with approximately $0.5 worth of Mastercoin. The easier authentications via Google and Facebook yield approximately $0.1 worth of Mastercoin.

Here is the link to claim your free Mastercoin reward:

Thanks for visiting and Have a Happy Holidays!

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